Mending Mushroom — For Palestine

kr 300

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    Hand-turned mending mushrooms made in Norwegian ash and birch. They are all individually created, with their own specific traits and unique personalities. They are made made in the south of Norway, with happenstance and care in mind.
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    Shipping from Nesodden, Norway to anywhere your heart desires in the world (order before December 15 for delivery before the holidays).

Any donation over the listed price can be donated directly to a Gaza humanitarian relief fund of your choice (such as Medical Aid for Palestinians) or support of independent journalism such as Eye on Palestine. Send a DM of the receipt to our Instagram with contact info and we will pay for the shipment.

Mushrooms are magical entities, full of grace and power. As we extract raw materials from nature to create apparel — fashion and textiles are inextricably linked to nature and agriculture. 

The mushroom is to us a symbol of our connectedness, not just to other humans, but to more-than-humans, plants, animals and the ecosystem of the planet as a whole. 

These beautiful mending mushrooms take up a long lost Norwegian tradition of mending clothes and are made by retired fisherman and crafts teacher Bjørn Håtveit in the south of Norway. He took up wood turning and started experimenting and is now and expert in producing these mending shrooms for all your darning needs.

Bjørn’s one-of-a-kind mushrooms are made from Norwegian ash and birch tree and will stand the test of time. They will help you keep your garments cared for.

Please visit these links for instructional guides on how to mend your knitwear: 

A quiet, beautiful video from Jy Chao showing how to fasten a torn thread with a mending mushroom.

Very elaborate instruction video (watch from 04:00) on how to mend a hole in your knitwear with a darning shroom.

Swiss darning is a bit more labor intensive, but oh, so lovely. Video here, using a mending mushroom as a base.

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