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    Made of a very soft merino wool from infamous Italian yarn manufacturer Zegna Baruffa. The yarn is treated with a H2DRY process, meaning it can be washed at 40 degrees (making it easier not to mistakenly shrink your clothes). We do, however, recommend a cold wash (30 degree celcius), as this will make the garment last longer.
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    Our knits are knitted on-demand in Italy on very lovely Japanese knitting machines (yes, they are very cute). Please allow for up roughly 8 weeks production time.


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BellyTech is a knitted ribbed tube for the abdomen and chest, and works like a scarf for your belly.

It will keep your core muscles warm, protecting an intimate part of you in times of need. The garment is inspired by the Japanese «haramaki».

BellyTech is created for many purposes and situations.

It will keep internal organs and core muscles warm. This can in turn increase your overall body temperature, alleviate back ache and pains associated with menstruation and/or endometriosis. If you struggle with issues connected to peri-menopase or menopause BellyTech is also a good fit.

BellyTech will provide comfort during a potential pregnancy and postpartum, miscarriage or c-section. It can also be a good apparel friend if you’ve had top surgery or have a binder on.

It will work great directly on your skin due to the soft nature of the Baruffa K-Wool (merino wool) — but it will also look amazing over a shirt.

BellyTech is a vessel and can hold many sides of you. It can be worn by yoga practitioners, snowboardersbreastfeeding individuals (to prevent from exposing their midriff in chilly temperatures while nursing), wild swimmers and climbers. It also works great as an undergarment, on the couch watching a movie — with a water bottle underneath.

Made in Italy 

In the small town of Forlì, just a small hour by train outside of Bologna in Italy, lies Maglificio Pini — our incredible knitwear manufacturer. This is where all our knitted pieces are made.

Maglifico Pini have a best-of-both-worlds approach to fashion, by fusing tech and tailored manufacturing, as they create so-called fully fashioned knitwear.

Fully fashioned knitting is where individual garment components are knitted to shape so they can be assembled by using linking machines and well, hands (yes, finishing up clothes with a needle and thread).

As we don’t create a fabric that is cut, there is a zero waste approach in our production of knitwear. We only use what we need for each item. This is a method used frequently by luxury and sustainable brands, as it requires a very high skill-set.


95% virgin wool; 4% polyamide; 1% Elastane.

Elastics have been added to keep the flexibility of the garment, as well as the structure (keeping the garment in place, seeing as it has no straps).


Wool is naturally antimicrobial. Air out as much as possible before washing.

Due to the Baruffa K-Wool, the garment can withstand a 40 degree wash (so no worries if it mistakenly gets thrown in with other clothes — the garment will not be ruined).

We do, however, recommend washing as little as possible — both for the sake of the garment and the environment. Please wash at a low temperature, ideally by hand, but you can also place it in the washing machine on a cold hand-wash program.

Use a mild, low-impact detergent explicitly made for wool and dry flat on a towel.

Pilling will occur, this is a sign of high quality as the yarn is made of very fine fibers. Pilling will decrease over time as the garment is worn in, but you can also use a fabric shaver.

Rest is important for everyone, also wool garments. Let your BellyTech rest for 24 hours before wearing again — the natural resilience and spring in the wool fibre will then have time to recover and return to its original shape.

If the garment gets damaged in any way, try mending it yourself, it’s extremely rewarding to care for something yourself — we have a beautiful hand-turned mending mushroom that you can locate in our market.

Place red cedar balls in your drawers to keep moths at bay. They both look and smell nice.

If you find it difficult to mend yourself, we can help you — please get in touch at





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